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Primarily, Dalel Serda teaches. A pupil recently asked her to help define the soul. It was an especially jarring question at six in the morning when she read his email. He gave her a deadline: nine. He did not know, she surmised, she taught from eight o’clock to noon. She sat in the dark after a morning shower and considered the question. Considered the deadline. Considered the lack of professionalism of his request and the unyielding passing of time with its tick-tock, fated
increments whispering from her wall clock. At that hour when the sun had yet to break, the question moved her; she wrote:

For me, the soul is the relationship–our crystalline-liquid and black mud-filled core—between our brain, heart, and stomach: In other words, it is the lovechild of our intellect, emotions, and instincts. It is what loosely binds us to other mammals, as I see it, but also what sets us apart because our soul is fueled (equally?) by these three, distinct entities. In order to acquire greatness, we must allow our soul to move through life with attention to its three parts; this causes our philosophical dissonances… which are the root of our fallible human nature. Therefore, our soul is our ability to both rise and fall.

It is our ability to personify contradiction.

When she teaches, travels, and writes, she chases the human longing to satisfy its soul. Thus, Ms. Serda is a college teacher, traveler, and creative non-fiction writer who earned her MFA at the University of Texas-Pan American because it brought her home to el Valle where her Chicanismo hid in the slim shade of our palms and mesquites. She aims to surround herself with the under-represented and chronicle moments of their lives and consequently, of hers.

Currently, she teaches rhetoric, literature, and research at College of the Mainland in Texas City
outside Houston.

Dalel Serda Curriculum Vitae

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