Ashley Stovall, Managing Ed.

Managing Editor

Ashley Stovall is pursuing a Master’s degree in English at Texas Tech University, with an emphasis in creative non-fiction. She is the current project manager for Texas Tech’s Letterpress Laboratory in the English Department. She is also on Tech’s English Department’s Digital Humanities Laboratory staff. As DHL staff, she creates web interfaces which focus on project- and end-user capabilities for scholars, digital archivists, and researchers.  Currently part of her duties include transcribing manuscripts for the university’s digital archiving project, Texas Manuscript Cultures.

Ms. Stovall is originally from Mesquite, Texas, but she has lived in south and central Florida. She currently resides in Lubbock, Texas. In 2008-2009, she was an editorial intern with The Florida Review and was the layout editor for an undergraduate journal, The Cypress Dome, at University of Central Florida.

Ashley Stovall Curriculum Vitae

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